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Affirmations for Creatives PDF

Affirmations for Creatives PDF

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This product is a digital download for you to print on your own.

Your words & thoughts have power!

Affirmations are positive, self-empowering phrases that can guide you in overcoming negative thoughts.  When you repeat your affirmations often, your mind & body will feel the difference from your words of positivity! The way you speak to, and about yourself influences how you feel; use these cards for moments of comfort, joy, peace, love, and clarity.

This Affirmations for Creatives Card Set includes 31 affirmation cards.


- Draw 1-2 cards from your deck each day. Think, say, write, and repeat your affirmations throughout the day to give power to those empowering words.
- Frame your cards as decor, or display them on a bulletin board.
- Gift them to a love one!
- Make a collage with your cards, or use in a scrapbook

You will receive your PDF download by email after placing your order. You may print your cards in color or black & white. There will be 4 cards per page, and each card will need to be cut to make your deck of cards.

* Terms of Use: For personal use only. Not to be shared, resold, or for other commercial uses.

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