About Blushing Pine Fiber

Welcome to the Blushing Pine Fiber 💓

Hi! I’m Jessica, and I am very much in love with weaving and all things fiber!
I have a background in education, but made some big changes in my life the last couple years and now I spend my days designing, weaving, color coordinating, and sharing all the things I know about fiber with you.
I have had the pleasure of meeting such wonderful people in the weaving/fiber community since the start of my weaving journey and am thankful for the kindness and talent each of them share with the world. I’m super excited to share my love for fiber and weaving knowledge with you through the Blushing Pine Fiber.
🌲 Why Blushing Pine Fiber…. I’m a big mountain girl at heart, and adore living amongst the pine trees. I am grateful for every day I spend breathing this mountain air. I also love hiking and being outdoors, and when I’m not weaving you will find me on mountain trails, admiring trees and waterfalls!
The Blushing part came in because I find myself always gravitating to shades of pink for so many of my weavings. Which is surprising to me since my favorite color is blue… but here I am… adding some shade of pink to every weaving and fiber pack I possibly can!🎀
I am excited & thankful for you for being a part of the fiber loving community here at the Blushing Pine Fiber.  I hope you find inspiration and happiness from this page!

For weaving tips, product updates, shop sales, and more follow me @blushingpinefiber on Instagram.

Happy Crafting,
Jessica 💓🌲