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Monochrome Fringe Skein

Monochrome Fringe Skein

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These monochrome fiber skeins are packed with all the fun textures you need to create the perfect fringe for your woven wall hangings! 

Each skein weighs 7-8oz and has a variety of wool and cotton yarn/fibers from my collection of weaving supplies. These skeins are Huge!! Use these perfectly color coordinated fibers to create fun, fluffy fringe, or as a fiber pack to weave on a frame loom or shape loom. 

Fringe Skeins Include Fibers Such As: 
- Wool Roving 
- Chunky Wool Yarn 
- Cotton Frizz Yarn 
- Cotton Cord 
- Cotton Yarn
 - Sari Silk - Ribbons 
- Core Spun Yarn

Each Fringe Skein includes a big variety of fibers and is uniquely made when ordered.

Fiber packs are the perfect opportunity for you to create with different types of yarn and fibers without having to buy full size skeins and to learn which yarns you enjoy working with the best!

I do my best to represent the true colors of each product in photos, but please be aware that colors on computer monitors and phone screens may vary.

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