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Blushing Pine Fiber

Weaving Essentials Fiber Kits

Weaving Essentials Fiber Kits

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Want the same fibers and tools that I use in my Weaving Essentials Class? 

I’ve got the perfect bundles for you!

Weaving Essentials Fiber Pack: Fiber Pack that matches the fibers I weave with in the class.

Weaving Essentials Loom Kit: Fiber Pack + the same Ashford frame loom I use in the class!

Fiber Pack and Loom Kit also include 2 colors of warp string and a needle to sew in the ends on the back of your weaving.

This listing does not include the Weaving Essentials Video Class, to purchase the class please visit this page!

If you purchase the class it will be sent to you via email. I will ship your fiber pack or loom kits separately. 

If you have questions about the Class or Fiber Kits please email me at

Thank you so much for your encouragement & support through the process of creating this class for you!

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