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Blushing Pine Fiber

Arizona Driftwood & Cholla Wood

Arizona Driftwood & Cholla Wood

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- Cut & Cleaned, ready for crafting
- Natural Driftwood from AZ

These beautiful driftwood pieces were collected in the Arizona Mountains and Desert. Perfect for crafting, macrame, woven wall hangings, mixed media, and decor!

This is all natural wood and may have cracks or imperfections.
Approximant measurements for each bundle are as listed:

Bundle One: 15-20 inches long
Bundle Two:  12-16 inches long
Bundle Three: 14-20 inches long
Bundle Four: 15 inches long
Bundle Five: 11.5-17  inches long
Bundle Six: 14-15.5 inches long
Bundle Seven: 12-12.5 inches long
Bundle Eight: 12-14 inches long
Bundle Nine: 14.5 inches long
Bundle Ten: 10.5-12  inches long
Bundle Eleven: 10-10.25

Driftwood also looks beautiful with a coat of varnish if you like a glossy look!

I do my best to represent the true colors of each product in photos, but please be aware that colors on computer monitors and phone screens may vary.

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