Fiber Art Baskets

Fiber Art Baskets


There's something uniquely thrilling about the start of a new season. The changing colors and fresh feelings in the air inspire a surge of creativity, urging me to explore new artistic endeavors. As nature transitions, so do my artistic impulses, pushing me to infuse my work with the vibrant hues and textures that romanticize the time of year. 

Weaving on my loom is always a pleasure, but for this project I wanted to expand my creativity and weave on something that wasn’t my loom.  First, I warped a circle embroidery hoop and created a round weaving, which I thoroughly enjoyed and will definitely be creating more round weavings in the near future.

After the round weaving was finished, I still wanted to explore my creativity and take my weaving skills beyond my loom. 

I wanted my fiber art to be displayed somewhere other than a wall. I wanted to create something that’s eye-catching, and adds a smile to any space in my home. 

Creativity is a wild thing, and I’m so grateful we have this magical ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! 

Otherwise, I wouldn’t get to share this fabulous project with you.  

Using big, beautiful felt baskets as the canvas, we'll create a one-of-a-kind piece of fiber art that you can proudly display in your home, or gift to a loved one this season! 

Join me in creating this Fiber Art Basket and discover how you can transform a simple felt basket into a stunning work of art!

Let’s get started!


  • Woven Felt Basket
  • Yarn & Fibers (chunky wool yarn, wool roving, twisted yarns, ribbons)
  • Scissors
  • Large eyed needle (optional but handy)
  • Glue Gun: optional

Make gathering your supplies easy with my special Fiber Art Basket Kits!

Since this felt basket has such large woven strips of fabric, I used many of the same weaving techniques as I do on my loom, but didn’t completely weave the fibers all the way through every felt strip.

Instead I tucked the ends of the fibers underneath the gaps of the felt strips, or tied on sections of wool roving bubbles, tassels, pom poms, and yarn braids! In some sections I used fibers that were already woven onto the basket to tie on other fibers. This was an easy way to secure 2 or more pom poms together on the basket!

The felt basket is woven tight enough to where my fibers were secure and stayed in place just by tucking the ends and tying, but you could also use a dot of hot glue to secure the ends of your yarn/fibers behind the felt strips if needed.

To start, I used a thin piece of my wool roving and tucked one end behind a gap of the woven felt. Then I carefully woven the roving over and under several sections of the felt. You’ll want to be a little extra gentle with roving since it can pull apart much more easily than yarn. To give some sections of roving a different look on your basket, you can also fluff out some of the roving to make it more big and fluffy!

Next, I made some cute little yarn tassels with a few different yarns to tie onto sections of my basket. To make a tassel just wrap the yarn around your hand or piece of cardboard 10-20 times (depending on the size of your yarn). Then slide the hoop off your hand and cut one end of the yarn, then using a separate piece of yarn tie the middle of the tassel to keep the yarn together. Now you can either tuck the middle of the tassel behind a gap in the woven basket, or use a piece of yarn to tie the tassel to a section of the basket. 

Another fun technique to make with your yarn is various sizes of pom poms! You can use a pom pom maker, or your hand to make your own pom poms, and you can use a variety of fibers depending on how you want your pom poms to look. I like using different fibers in the same pom pom so that each one has lots of different textures. 

To create a pom pom with your hand, hold the end of the yarn against your palm with your thumb. Begin wrapping the yarn around the widest part of your fingers (excluding your thumb). For a small pom pom, wrap around two fingers; for a medium pom pom, use three fingers; for a large pom pom, use four fingers. Wrap the yarn around your fingers 10-40 times, depending on how dense you want your pom pom to be.

Once you’ve wrapped enough yarn, cut the yarn from the skein, leaving a small tail.

Carefully slide the yarn bundle off your fingers, making sure it stays together. Cut a separate piece of yarn about 6-8 inches long. Tie this piece tightly around the center of the yarn bundle. Make sure to knot it securely, as this will hold your pom pom together.

Using scissors, cut through all the loops on both sides of the bundle. This will create the basic shape of your pom pom.

Fluff out your pom pom by gently pulling apart the yarn strands. Use scissors to trim the pom pom into a neat, round shape. Don’t be afraid to trim quite a bit to get a nice, even sphere.

Now you can use the long tails from the tie in the center of the pom pom to secure it to one of the woven felt sections on your basket. 

Making braids with your yarn is another great way to add texture to your basket. Using a bundle of several strands of yarn, create a chunky braid and then tie off both ends. Now you can tuck the ends of the braid (knots) behind the gaps of the woven basket. You can use a dot of hot glue to secure the ends if you prefer.

I also used a piece of yarn to tie on sections of roving to allow the roving to hang down like tassels. Simply tie around the center of the roving to secretion of the basket then let the top hang down over the tie.  

By repeating these techniques using a variety of fibers, you will create a gorgeous Fiber Art Basket!  These large woven baskets are such a great canvas for this project and really allow you to make this project your own. I chose to only cover part of my woven basket with fibers so that the sections where I added yarn and roving really popped against the black felt of the basket.  

This Fiber Art Basket is both functional and eye-catching, and definitely added joy to the space in my home!  I look forward to creating several baskets in different color variations to display in different rooms of my home, throughout the seasons.  

Get the perfect colors and textures for your Fiber Art Basket in my specially curated Kits, or email me for custom color palette options!

I would absolutely love to hear about your Fiber Art Basket projects and see photos of your one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

 Thank you for joining me on this creative adventure, and I’m so happy that we can share our creative abilities to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary! 


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